Idaho Floor Supply
Terms and Conditions

By providing deposit or responding to this email with approval, you hereby enter into a contract with Idaho Floor Supply (IFS) and are required to pay the full balance on your account prior to installation. Final payment is due upon substantial completion of contracted labor. Customers who fail to provide payment as agreed will be held responsible for all legal fees and collection costs.

Warranty on labor is one (1) year from the date of completion and the only warranty provided by IFS. IFS will not be liable for delays in installation caused by outside contractors or forces beyond our control including but not limited to supplier problems, weather or permits. IFS will not assume responsibility for any damage to furniture. IFS does not move pianos, grandfather clocks, electronics, or items other than stock furniture.

IFS will remove/ replace baseboards, but we do not do touchups; customer is responsible for arranging repairs/ touchups to fix or replace any baseboard that breaks in the removal or rehanging process.
Customer is subject to a minimum $300 fee if areas are not clear and ready for our installation crew. IFS does not move furniture or appliances unless specified on the estimate or invoice. Additionally a minimum $300 trip fee will be applied if IFS is unable to gain access to perform services. Once we order material for you, we cannot return it. For that reason, there are no returns or refunds on non-stocking material. ALL installation sites are construction zones; there will be dust and debris. IFS does not clean or pay for cleaning services of any kind.

Anything not specifies in quote is not included in scope of work. If a service is not on the estimate or invoice IFS will not perform said service without approval from the customer and a signed change order. The customer is solely responsible for selecting and confirming the style and color of their flooring. Final payment due upon substantial completion invoice receipt.

Payments will be made according to the payment terms 50% deposit, or deposit for materials ordered at time of contract, and remainder due promptly upon substantial completion. Scheduling will be completed upon receipt of both contract and deposit. NOTE: This estimate may be withdrawn by IFS if not accepted within 10 days or updated to current pricing.