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Q: What is the best type of fiber for my new carpeting – nylon, olefin, wool, polyester, or other?

A: The right carpet fiber for you depends on your lifestyle. A Idaho Floor Supply Inc. associate can help you choose the right carpet for your needs.

Q: What is the difference between synthetic fiber and wool carpet?

A: Synthetics are made from man-made chemicals, whereas wool is natural. Wool is considered to be a superior fiber for high quality installations.

Q: How can I keep my new carpet looking nice?

A: Regular vacuuming will help your carpet keep its just-like-new look. We also recommend that you have a professional carpet cleaner clean your carpets once a year.

Q: What is an area rug?

A: An area rug does not cover the entire floor, and is bound on all sides to prevent fraying.  Area rugs come in all sizes and shapes.