Idaho Floor Supply
Installation Tips

Carpet is fairly difficult to install, and unless you have previous experience with carpet installation, to avoid mistakes we suggest that you allow a professional to lay your carpet. Having your carpet installed correctly is critical.

Here are some tips to follow:

Before Installation: Remove all the furniture in the room, Idaho Floor Supply Inc. charges an additional fee for furniture removal. Discuss with the installation team where you would prefer the seams to be placed, seam placement is important. Before the installers arrive, complete all other alterations to the room including painting, wallpapering, and remodeling. Vacuum your old carpet to reduce airborne dust and dirt. The home must be at 68 degrees with the HVAC up and running two days prior to installation, during installation, and after completion. Ensure we have adequate lighting.
Upon Delivery: Check the carpet’s color, style, and texture to ensure that there are no defects before installation.

During Installation: Open windows and doors, or use a fan to provide adequate air to the room during the installation process. The installer will remove all doors when installing the carpet and will re-hang them. Some thick carpets may prevent doors from clearing the carpet. If your doors do not clear the carpet after installation, arrange to have them trimmed. This is not the responsibility of Idaho Floor Supply Inc.

After Installation: Vacuum the carpet to remove all loose fibers. Ventilate the area for 48 to 72 hours; the new carpet smell should dissipate quickly.

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